One Day (in the life of a romance novelist)

5:07am – My “smart” alarm goes off, which is more startling than gentle.

5:20am – My “actual” alarm goes off, which stinks because I really wanted today to be Saturday and it is, sadly, not.

5:30am – With an entire cup of coffee and approximately one episode of The Office on Netflix (via iPad), I can put my face on, in the quiet and peace of my own lesbian living space while my lady love walks on the treadmill downstairs because she takes, like, a tenth of the get-ready time I do.

6am – I turn on the shower for said Lady Love.

6:10am – Breakfast. Not exciting.

6:40am – Kisses before leaving the house.

6:45am – Actually leaving the house, because I always leave at least two things inside the house that I need to make it through the day.

7:30am – Begin adult life

3:30pm – End adult life

3:32pm – Call mom, relay all things. Text Lady Love, relay abbreviate version of all things. Make inside jokes.

4:15pm – Begin writing.

7:30pm (or, just, whenevs) – End writing to eat whatever Lady Love has created.

*Always think of book, characters in book, characters in next book, plot lines of future books.


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