The Right Kind of Woman

My beautiful, painstakingly crafted novel is finally here! My handwork is now out there, for the world to read and love and relate to and judge! I couldn’t be happier! (Hence all of the exclamation points!)

I do think, however, this would be a great opportunity for me to explain a little more about my characters and WHY, precisely, I have written this (outstanding) piece of (lesbian) romance.

First and foremost, I was inspired by my own hair – my ridiculous hair that never does what I want it to, never lays down, never lies flat, never fits in a headband. My hair is just silly. And, one morning, after a particularly fiery interaction with said hair, I began to wonder “What would my hair be like if it were a person?” My hair would be larger than life, sensual, independent, strong-willed and, above all things, my hair would be Southern to the core. I mean, we’ve all heard, “The bigger the hair, the closer to God.” That’s, like, our credo in the South.

So, first character is done. I named her Cara Spencer because I wanted a double name and because Cara Spencer is actually one of my great-grandmother’s thirteen names – apparently, when you have twelve other children, you sort of lose the motivation to come up with anything and subsequently allow your children to all select names. She was a very nice lady who went by Kathleen, but she had a litany of names that were… Interesting. Cara Spencer had just always been my favorite.

What goes with independent and strong-willed and ridiculous?


Calm goes with all of that.

What balances out Southern to the core?

Northern to the core. (not to be too Gone With the Wind about it all)

That led me to Andrea “Dre” Martin, who is about as gender-fluid as Cara Spencer is distinctly feminine, and just as methodical as Cara Spencer is “fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants.” I made her a Massachusetts native for two reason: Massachusetts is my second-favorite state (I am a dork who has things like favorite states and advanced tickets to The Force Awakens) and the most powerful words I have ever heard in my life were “By the power vested in me by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I hereby declare you spouses.” As much as I love and honor and respect my homeland, I couldn’t legally get married here in July of 2014, so my wife and I drove seventeen hours to have that privilege and I will be forever grateful for that opportunity.

So, there you have it. Crazy hair, favorite states, cosmic balance.

Did I mention you should read “The Right Kind of Woman”? As in, RIGHT now?


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