My Wife Sang in a Wedding

For three months now, my lovely sidekick and partner for life has been vigorously practicing a repertoire of love songs for a wedding in Athens. Her two oldest friends, two wonderful women we have come to love and regard as family, tied the knot after thirty years together. It was moving, magical AND it gave me the opportunity to see my Boo Thang rock it on the stage for the first time ever! (quite a treat for someone who follows their spouse around like a groupie ninety-five percent of her life, even without having seen her perform)

Needless to say, when this family goes out on the town, WE BLOW IT OUT!

And FYI, that’s just water my kid has at the bar, and the bar, itself, was closed to everyone except wedding guests. I also know my hotel room is dirty. That’s not a reflection on The Graduate, that’s a reflection on my kids, and my wife is probably fine. The kids were just circling her and screaming things like “You’re a mom, you’re a mom, you’re a mom!” in menacing tones.


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