Y’all. It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything. Every morning I sat down to post and then life just took over! I cannot apologize enough for leaving you hanging! I can make you a solemn vow to do better, but sometimes I suck at promises, so I’ll do the very best that I can and, if you ever need me, feel free to shoot me an email (vossporter@gmail.com). I love hearing from you guys!

To act as an update, I have purged my cell phone of photos and I will attempt to place them below, along with witty captions. Spring was a busy time for me, and for my unfailing wife, whose single-minded devotion to my hair-brained schemes and ideas is truly awe-inspiring. Y’all think I’m playing, but I literally told this woman, from the very beginning, “No matter what, I will find a way to have fun.” In light of the recent events in Orlando, I think it’s best that we all take a moment to honor that credo. Life is not a guarantee for any of us. For those of us who are members of the LGBTQ community, it is even harder, and even more dangerous. Grab hold of every morning you are blessed enough to be given, and live all of your days to the fullest.

Now, without further ado…

First stop on the Crazy Train to Boogie Town was a tiny, surfer haven on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. I found a house online, I rented a car all by myself (only had to call my mom once to translate, because I don’t know how you say “stick shift” in Espanol) and I hiked up a mountain in the rainforest. Talk about liberating? #gaylifeornolife #standonyourowntwofeet With Bae by my side, there’s not a whole lot I can’t do.

Oh, and we got free wine on the airplane!

Came back to the states and discovered these gems on the inter web. Talk about happy? I not know my fifth biggest passion in life (behind being a kicks lesbian, a mom, a wife and a writer) is George Washington Memes.

Took a trip on a bus for work and ran into this sexy stranger doing a little light reading between stops… Felt just like Beyonce.


Back at home, though, the kids kept me grounded, complaining about things like our lack of Beyonce’s millions, our lack of Beyonce’s pool, and our lack of Beyonce tickets…

They were even more annoyed when I produced a set of tickets A) not for Beyonce and B) not for them. For Mother’s Day I surprised my mom, my A1 from Day1, with a Jimmy Buffet Adventure! Sorry there are no pics of him, we were stuck in the nosebleed seats.

On a side note, I found another riveting internet meme and I laughed so hard, for so long, that my wife and I were late for an engagement and she was legitimately ten sheets of pissed.


Then I sent her this and she wasn’t pissed anymore…


I hadn’t been a concert in so long, I forgot how much I enjoy concerts, so I took my BFF to see the Dave Matthews Band! Again, nosebleed seats, but it’s worth mentioning that she and I have seen him, together, like, nine times now. This is literally how we spent our twenties.

You must be tired, that’s what you’re thinking. You would be wrong. There’s no rest for the #gayandproud! In order to memorialize my mother’s upcoming 65th birthday, we took a cruise! The Bahamas were not ready. Oh, and Carnival really sort of caters to the LGBTQ community. There were parties every night JUST FOR US (and by us I mean YOU AND ME, not ME AND MY MOM).

I just realized I am drinking alcohol in the vast majority of these photos. Oh well. I didn’t pick the #partylife, the #partylife picked me.

I’m totally kidding. I go to bed at nine.


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  1. takemewherethestreetlightsglow: “ tastefullyoffensive: “ The Adventures of George Washington by LadyHistory [more] ” I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING ”:


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