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Grey Baby – whose real name is “Willie Bert” – an Australian Cattle dog. She is featured in “The Right Kind of Woman.” She may also end up featured in “The Wrong Place,” because, frankly, I am obsessed with her.


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Greg Allman, whose real name is “Wanda Sparkle” – a Great Pyrenees/Lab mix who enjoys consuming copious amounts of calories, cuddling with anyone who lays still long enough, and editing manuscripts. She is also featured in “The Right Kind of Woman.”


Buddy, whose actual name is actually Buddy, featured in “The Right Kind of Woman.” Look at those big, soulful brown eyes!



Lady Macbeth, the saucy Australian Shepherd, who is actually “LuluBelle Mermaid Peach,” beloved member of House Lannister and Keeper of the Peace. She is featured in “The Wrong Kind of Woman.”

Stay tuned for a behemoth of one TANK, featured in “The Wrong Time,” debuting July 14, 2016!



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